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5 plans you should know about Menorca in November

Not everything is sun and beach in Menorca. During the autumn and November, you can do endless activities and plans on the island with the bonus of tranquillity.

Menorca in November: 5 ideas on what to do!

Menorca is undoubtedly a paradisal destination in the Mediterranean to go to in summer.

However, this is not only in the summer months. This picturesque island also offers exciting options during the autumn months. Specifically, November is ideal for making calmer plans but, at the same time, very desirable.

Here you have our five recommendations for this November 2022 in Menorca.

1. Hiking along the Camí de Cavalls

Menorca is within a very strategic location in the Mediterranean. That's the reason due it had so many invasions in the past. Cause of that, it has a path all around the island's coast. So, that was crucial to observe the ships sailing the island's waters.

cami de cavalls menorca november

Today it has become a route of 21 itineraries of greater and lesser difficulty to discover the entire coastline.

Go hiking this November; you will see huge contrasts between the north and south coasts. It's worth it!

2. Exclusive virgin beaches for you

In November, tourism reduces, and the island becomes peaceful (summer ends). That means the beaches will be empty and have better vibes than on hot months.

virgin beaches november menorca

The Mediterranean and temperate climate of Menorca is still good in November. With average temperatures around 14-19 degrees. An environment that is still ideal for taking a walk through the beaches or having a tranquil picnic.

Also, if you are brave, you can still take a dip; the water temperature is not freezing yet.

3. Visit the lighthouses

If something characterizes Menorca, it is its seven lighthouses. They are at strategic coastline points to illuminate the island for ships at night. However, nowadays are becoming unused due to boats with GPS.

lighthouse menorca november

Each of them has something that makes it unique. The Punta Nati lighthouse, Cap d'Artrutx and Cavallería Lighthouse are magnificent for watching the sunset; you will fall in love.

Lousy weather and Tramuntana (north wind) are sometimes typical in November. If this is the case, visit the Favàritx Lighthouse; it is spectacular to see how the waves break and to hear the sound.

4. Cycling in Minorca

Cycling in Menorca is one of the most popular sports. There are routes for all levels and incredible landscapes.

november cycling menorca

If you are a mountain bike lover, we recommend you rent one and be encouraged to explore the island; you will discover unique places. There are many sections suitable for cycling and going along the Camí de Cavalls.

On the other hand, if you would like to try or already practice road cycling , you can go up to Monte Toro. It has a height of 357 meters, a distance of 3.11 km and a drop of 283 meters. So, get strong and squeeze those quads and calves. You will have, as a reward, one of the best panoramic views of the entire island.

5. Look for the famous esclata-sangs (mushrooms)

With the arrival of the rains in November, the mushroom season begins in Menorca.

mushrooms menorca november

On the island, there are more than 50 types of mushrooms; however, the most appreciated is the esclata-sang or rovellón. It's an exquisite dish grilled with little garlic and fresh parsley.

To find esclatasangs, you will have to go to the forests and pine forests of the interior of Menorca. Therefore, you must know how to recognize them, and if you are not convinced, do not eat them; there are also many toxic mushrooms.

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