unknown beaches balearic islands

Unknown beaches of the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands enjoy great prestige accumulated over decades in world tourism. This fame means that tens of thousands of tourists, both Spanish and foreign, enjoy its beaches every year.

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Discover the unknown beaches of the Balearic Islands

So much so that sometimes it is pretty standard for us to find crowded beaches where it is impossible to escape from the hustle and bustle.

In this article, we want to help you discover some beaches that miraculously remain sheltered from popularity and have become havens of peace.


We start with the largest and most famous island. But, paradoxically, and although at first, it might seem that it would be the most complicated to find these places due to their popularity, it is the opposite.

The success of beaches such as Formentor acts as a beacon to which most visitors go and helps others that are a little more hidden have the possibility of remaining anonymous while preserving a unique natural charm.

Cala Magraner

In the town of Manacor, we find this beach of sand and pebbles. Spectacular both for the landscape and because it is a sanctuary for climbing lovers.

Its calm waters also make it ideal for encouraging us to snorkel.

It is common to find athletes climbing the walls in an idyllic place where sport and nature go hand in hand.

You have to walk a 3 km path for about 30-40 minutes to access it.

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Es Trenc

Located in a natural park that has helped protect it from urban overcrowding, the set of beaches that belong to the reserve is a true haven of peace.

A protected dune system about 500 meters wide acts as a barrier, making it a space of great biological value, as it fosters a small ecosystem of small beaches next to the nearby Salobrar swamp.

Es Trenc beach is the most famous due to its incredible sunsets. You can enjoy a special light in them thanks to the absence of light pollution as there are hardly any buildings or hotels.

Due to this circumstance, the environment has been saved from the most touristic circuits, making it one of the fabulous little jewels to discover on the island.

If you do not know the island or are far away, a great option is to get a cheap transfer from your Hotel to Es Trenc beach.

Es Caragol

Es Caragol is one of the southernmost beaches and close to the Ses Salines Lighthouse.

It is possible to get from the lighthouse by walking along a relatively flat path of approximately 2 kilometres. However, the most attractive and comfortable option is taking a Catamaran ride from Colonia de Sant Jordi.

The colour of the water is the characteristic turquoise thanks to the fine white sand and its shallow waters.

It is a large beach where privacy is guaranteed due to the low influx and available space.


Cala Binidali

Cala Binidalí is a cove close to the airport and Mahón is one of the best-hidden gems on the island. You can go by a short but steep path from the road that joins the nearby urbanisations.

The beach has fine sand and a small area, so it is advisable to go early in the morning since there is no space for more than 30-40 people.

However, the beach opens up little by little, creating a natural pool in which the crystal clear water makes it a true haven of peace.


Es Canaret

es canaret ibiza

And finally, one of the most remote beaches of all the Balearic Islands. A place that hardly appears on maps and could not be reached for decades.

However, it is accessible only through a small passageway through an opulent villa today. Although located in the Northwest part of the town, it lacks any service; despite its originality, the turquoise waters and sandy seabeds make it a place that deserves to be visited during our stay on the island.

As we can see, the Balearic Islands still hide wonders that deserve to be discovered on our trip. We will only need good shoes, a bottle of water and a bit of an adventurous spirit.

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