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Are there long queues in Menorca Airport?

If there's one thing that can ruin your holiday buzz, it's a long queue at passport control. Especially when you've got a plane to leave Menorca. Here we explain the status of Mahon's Airport and some tips on how to avoid the queues and make your airport experience as smooth as possible.

Are you going to Menorca? Or are you coming back home? One question that many travellers made is if is there a long queue at the airport.

In Menorca Airport, there aren't long queues at the Passport Control. However, in July and August is essential to go with time as it could happen.

Some Tips for the Queues in Menorca's Airport

  • Always go with time, Menorca Airport doesn't use to be busy like other airports in Spain. However, in summer Sundays and Fridays it can be a bit busier , as there are more flights and passengers.
  • If you rented a car, go with more time to return it back. As maybe there are queues on the Rent a Car.
  • Don't forget anything in your Hotel, made a small list with all the essential things you cannot miss. Phone's, ID's, Passports are usually the most forgettable things.