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Cap Roig Restaurant

Cap Roig Restaurant is in Sa Mesquida, a small town just 10 minutes from Mahón. It is excellent if you want to enjoy the saltiest cuisine in Menorca.

A restaurant with local history

Cap Roig Restaurant opened in 1983 in the picturesque town of Sa Mesquida; on top of the cliffs surrounding this little place.

Since then, it has been remodelled several times and has become one of the best restaurants on the island.

Undoubtedly, something remarkable in this restaurant in Menorca is its views; being on top of the cliffs, it has a beautiful panoramic view of the entire north of the island.

The menu

If something stands out about this establishment, it is its complete menu; they offer you much fish such as Grouper , Snapper or the exquisite Gallo de San Pedro. All of them are fresh and cook it differently depending on the fish.

Do not hesitate to try the lobster.

When you enter the Cap Roig restaurant, you will see it. They have live lobsters in fish tanks. Undoubtedly, a fresh exquisiteness from Menorca. A great option at this point will be to try a lovely lobster stew.


Now, not everything is lobster. Cap Roig offers many other products, such as mussels from Mahon's harbour, local prawns or the unfamiliar marine nettles.

Book a lunch or dinner in Cap Roig Restaurant

Being a popular and well-known place, we recommend you book in advance. You can find more information on their website, and you can do it online or by phone.

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