menorca trashchallenge 2019

TrashChallenge in Menorca

What is the TrashChallenge Menorca?

Between the 14th and 19th of April, there was the trashchallenge Menorca a voluntary action, which becomes viral arround the world; It consists in taking a picture before and after cleaning a beach. The goal of that, is to concern about the importancy of not dirty the nice costs we have. That's a big problem for the ecosystem.

Not all related with new technologics are bad, thanks to that, a group of young people were organized to clean beaches of plastics and general rubish. A simple action that becomes viral with the participation of more than 300 people. Much more people than expected previously.

If you want to know more about this compaign, and specifically in Menorca. You will find an Instagram Account TrashChallenge Menorca. That's a public profile where they used to share all their campaigns in Menorca.

trash challenge menorca plastics

From our website Menorca-Playas, we weant to focus on the importance of this topic. No one wants to go to a beach full of plastics, so we would be glad if you return all you bring to the beach.
An empty bottle weights less than a full one.