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Alcaufar Beach, the best Guide!

You cannot imagine everything you can do in Alcaufar. Apart from the sun and the beach, this beautiful village offers much more: diving, climbing, caves and magical places.

Alcaufar Beach

Menorca is full of charming places; one of them is Alcaufar, a lovely beach with crystal-clear waters and white sand. It is a familiar beach with many summer villas from locals and foreigners.

Alcaufar is not a famous beach, but it is ideal if you are looking for a quiet place to go with your family or, as a couple, away from the crowds. Its access is easy, and the parking is excellent.

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The town of Alcaufar is not just a beach; It also has a splendid port or dock to leave your boat or take a dip. In addition to many other services that we will tell you about.

Where is it?

Alcaufar is in the southeast of Menorca, between the beaches of Cala Rafalet and Punta Prima, in the municipality of Sant Lluís. Its bay is formed between a cape and a small islet: Es Cap d'es Morro and s'Illot d'es Torn.

Which are the best days to visit Alcaufar?

Alcaufar is within a bay, so all the hills protect it from almost all winds. The only exception is the Southeast wind or Xaloc; however, it's very narrow, and you will find good weather every day.

What to do?

1. Trekking on Camí de Cavalls

If you are a hiking fan and plan to visit Alcaufar and Menorca, you should know that two perfect trails for trekking or mountain biking start in the village.

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Alcaufar ➞ Cala Sant Esteve (4,17 KM)

Route 20 begins in Alcaufar and goes just over four kilometres to the easternmost point of Menorca and Spain: La Cala Sant Esteve.

In this section, you will enjoy an interior Menorcan landscape, a little far from the coast. It is a relatively flat route, except for some ravines, such as Cala Rafalet.

Alcaufar ➞ Punta Prima (2,26 KM)

In this case, Route 19. It starts in Punta Prima, but you can also do it the other way around. It is a straightforward path and one of the shortest in Menorca. Ideal for beginners or to take a walk with the family without getting tired near Alcaufar.

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On this path, you can enjoy the southern coast of the Island (the whole track has views of the sea). Its vegetation is low and adapted to the salinity of the area. In addition, its unevenness is zero, an effortless stretch of Camí de Cavalls.

2. Discover Alcaufar Defence Tower and the history

Today, Alcaufar has 130 inhabitants. It is a semi-urban area and a second home for many local people; you breathe great peace even in summer.

But this hasn't been like this many years ago. In 1756, the French landed in Alcaufar to overthrow the British; between 1786 and 1787, they built Alcaufar Defense Tower.

alcaufar defence tower menorca

Alcaufar Tower, at Punta del Morro or the start of the bay, symbolizes this urban area. The building was built with Mares, one of the most common types of rock in the south of Menorca and resistant to attacks.

Since 1985 it's been a protected historical monument.

3. Dive in Cala Alcaufar

If you are a snorkelling or diving lover, you should know that Alcaufar Beach has a spectacular seabed. That's because it's inside Isla del Aire Marine Reserve, an area where fishing is not allowed.

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Going further, you will see many fish species and cephalopods, such as octopuses and cuttlefish.

Whether you are an expert diver or it is your first time, it is good that you know there is a diving centre in s'Algar. S'Algar Diving makes immersions in the surroundings of Cala Alcaufar.

4. Take a kayak excursion

Menorca offers authentic dreamy coasts; one of them is undoubtedly the South coast and the surroundings of Alcaufar. Being within a marine reserve, it has high protection and plenty of biodiversities.

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That said, visiting the most inaccessible points is worth seeing the best sunsets, landscapes and species. In addition, booking an Alcaufar Kayak tour will provide you with extra accessibility to many secret caves and places only accessible by sea, known only by local guides.

5. Practice climbing

If you are a climbing lover, take note. Alcaufar is an ideal place to practice Psicobloc, one of the newest variants of climbing. It consists of ropeless climbing where the fall is over the sea.

In front of the beach is a small islet (s'Illot des Torn) with vertical rocks suitable for this sport and enough depth. Don't forget to bring some climbing shoes!

Where to eat in Alcaufar?

In this unique village of Menorca, there are not many restaurants; however, a few are worth it. So here we leave you the three best restaurants in Alcaufar.

1. Hotel - Restaurant Xuroy

The Xuroy restaurant is, undoubtedly, the most emblematic restaurant in Alcaufar. Its views from the beach are unbeatable; eating and listening to the sea is a plus.

xuroy menorca alcaufar

Its menu offers many options; however, we recommend asking for the day's fresh fish. Without a doubt, a strong point of this restaurant is its emphasis on local and seasonal cuisine.

2. Piccolo Mundo

Second, there is the Piccolo Mundo restaurant. Unlike Xuroy, this one is not on the beach, but in Punta dels Falcons.

It offers an excellent and varied menu at a competitive price. The menu includes everything from typical Menorcan dishes (such as Menorcan onion soup) to numerous cocktails.

3. Alcaufar Vell

And finally, we will talk about Alcaufar Vell, an authentic rural hotel with a restaurant that leaves no one indifferent. It is an ideal place if you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner away from the masses.

alcaufar vell restaurant menorca

Within its menu, you will find haute cuisine dishes made with typical products of the Island. But, among all its proposals, its aubergines stuffed with couscous, the soft marinade of fish and tubers, and its oliaigua (a Minorcan vegetable soup) stand out.

How to get to Alcaufar?

To get to Cala Alcaufar you have three options:

1. How to go by car?

To go by car or motorcycle to Alcaufar, you must take the Mahón - Sant Lluis - Punta Prima (ME-8) road without turning towards Punta Prima in the final section.

To give you an idea, Alcaufar is 15 minutes from Mahón and 52 minutes from Ciutadella.

Parking in Alcaufar

Parking in Alcaufar can be critical during the summer. Unfortunately, its narrow streets do not have many places; however, the Hotel Xuroy has private parking where you can park easily.

2. How to get to Cala Alcaufar by Bus?

If you don't have a car or motorcycle, you can also get to Alcaufar by bus from Mahón. Unhappily, there are not many frequencies, so it is vital to look at the timetables of 91t Bus Route to Alcaufar.

3. How to go to Cala Alcaufar by boat?

Menorca has many secret corners that can only be reached by sea, and Alcaufar has some of them. Therefore, visiting Cala Alcaufar by boat can be a great experience. In addition, you can see other impressive beaches in their surroundings, such as the secret Cala Rafalet.

To get there by boat, you will have to leave the port of Mahón and, right at its start, divert the bow to 180º (South). After 3 miles, you will see Cala Alcaufar on the starboard. A short and pleasant trip of 30 minutes at 15 knots.

Four essential tips for visiting Alcaufar!

  1. Try to visit Cala Alcaufar in May, June or September. These are the best months to enjoy the beach, with more tranquillity and fewer people.
  2. Do not forget to go to Alcaufar Defence Tower and take a photo. The coastal landscape is super beautiful. Bring enough water!
  3. Take a kayak tour through Alcaufar and its surroundings. There are tons of secret caves, and you'll see tons of fish.
  4. If you're a fan of diving, put a diving mask and fins in your backpack.

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