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Biniancolla, a fishermen's beach

If you are on holiday in Menorca and want to discover an authentic local town, Biniancolla is an excellent option. It is a small cove that hasn't changed with the years and keeps the same charm.

Biniancolla is a very picturesque cove

You may be used to relating Menorca with paradisiacal beaches of fine white sand; however, the island also has other places that transmit good energy to all its visitors, like Biniancolla.

Only local people used to bathe in this little-known cove. Therefore, Biniancolla is interesting if you are looking for a quiet and traditional place in Menorca.

biniancolla menorca

Unlike other coves, Biniancolla has some sand on the shore. However, local people usually stand on small stones and the dock. Former fishermen built these structures in the '60s.

Biniancolla belongs to Sant Lluis

Biniancolla is a tiny coastal village in the southeast of Menorca. The coastline also has other beaches from Sant Lluis municipality, such as Cala Torret and Punta Prima.

They all have similar morphology, with small rock cliffs and crystal clear turquoise waters.

It has a small port or dock

Many years ago, the village of Biniancolla was much smaller , and only fishermen lived there. Over the years, private boats have increased, and today it is a slightly more touristy place. However, it remains to be a place of local traditions.

port biniancolla menorca

The dock has about 20 boats (mostly Menorcan llauts). Biniancolla's weak point as a port is that ships can only moor in summer. During the winter, the wind is strong, and the boats are taken out or moved to a safer port.

Be careful with the Rock!

If you go to Biniancolla by boat , remember that very close there is a dangerous reef for navigation. It is called l'Escull d'en Caragol.

Undoubtedly, you will be able to see it: it has a small lighthouse on top.

The houses are white and traditional

If something stands out about this coastline, it is its houses. No more than two flats high, small all-white villas were built many years ago. Many of them overlook the sea , a privileged place to live.

It is an exceptional place to see the Sunset since the sun sets in the west. The coast is rocky and virgin, an ideal romantic and economic plan to go with your couple.

Explore Biniancolla in Paddle Sur!

The alternation between coastal villages and the wild coastline makes Paddle Surfing an excellent option for exploring the area.

coast biniancolla menorca

You can book a Paddle Surf excursion to Biniancolla and discover the most secret areas, such as Caló de s'Oli, Na Blanca and* Caló de l'Amo Benet.*

Don't forget to bring some diving goggles and fins; you can see a lot of fish in the caves.

Restaurants in Biniancolla

You may think that Biniancolla is a deserted and lifeless place. However, it has two restaurants nearby the beach. Good food is guaranteed!

1. La Baia

La Baía is the most popular restaurant in Biniancolla. First, it has good views of the bay and the beach. And second, it has a delicious Menu.

The Menu offers good Italian dishes combined with local cuisine. Among them, the pizzas (also for coeliacs) and the fresh pasta stand out.

2. En Caragol

Es Caragol is a restaurant 3 minutes walk from Cala Biniancolla. It has a lovely terrace , and despite not being on the beach, it has good views of the south coast.

Caragol is a bit more expensive than La Baia; however, the Menu justifies it. In addition, you can taste good tapas of local products such as Mahón Mussels, Braised Octopus or the Menorca Cheese table.

How to get to Biniancolla

If you want to go to Biniancolla during your holidays in Menorca, you have four alternatives to visit it.

1. By boat

To go by boat to Biniancolla from Mahón , you must leave the port and head south (180º), passing between Isla del Aire and Punta Prima. It is a 30-minute crossing at a speed of 20 knots.

2. In Kayak or Paddle Surf

Visiting Biniancolla by Kayak can be a unique experience. The entire coast is home to many hidden caves , and with the kayak, you can enter. That said, a great plan could be to take a kayak tour along the coast of Cala Biniancolla.

3. By car

To go to Biniancolla by car or motorcycle, you must take the Mahón - Sant Lluis (ME-8) road. At the end of the town, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout towards Punta Prima (and continue on the ME-8).

Once you arrive at the famous urbanization, you must follow the road that goes to Binibeca and turn off at the first cove on the left.

4. By Bus

The bus that makes the Mahon-Sant Lluis-Punta Prima route makes a stop at the Hotel Sur Menorca and Son Remei. Both bus stops are a 5-10 minute walk from Biniancolla.

During the summer, this line is longer, and there are buses every hour.

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