Canutells is a small beach and cove near Alaior, more quiet than the others in its area. It's located in the homonym village and has a perfect beach to take a dip in summer.

Es Canutells Beach

Canutells cove is an urbanization on Alaior south coast, between Cales Coves and Binidalí.

The shore itself is quite wide, with 50 meters long and 40 meters height. You might need to go early if you want to place the towel close to the coastline.

canutells minorca

The bay is formed by medium cliffs, and plenty of nice caves. Some of them are underwater, thus, don't forget to take a diving goggles to explore the area from the sea. You will see many kinds of fish like the mullet fish.

Has very old caves!

caves in es canutells minorca

Some of the Canutells caves were used time ago by old fisherman's as a warehouse. Unfortunatelly, they are in disuse nowadays and some of them are ruined.

Highlights s'Olivarda cave, it's 10 minutes walking from the cove. It's a good opportunity to visit it and take a dip in its clean waters.

caves in es canutells minorca

Incredible urbanization

The homonym urbanization is a very quiet place in Menorca. It has a hotel and some apartments and villas for economic rent in summer season. It also has a supermarket and some souvenir stores.

Restaurants in Canutells Beach

If you want to eat in the beach this is your best choice. It has a restaurant in the same shore, where you can taste delicious Menorca dishes. Not need for bringing home food if you want to spend the day in that cove. Bar restaurant Es Canutells worth it!

It has another small village very near

Ses Tanques urbanization is 5 minutes on foot from Es Canutells and is less built. It also has villas for rent, and it's a good alternative not far away from the shore.

How to get to Canutells

If you go by car will be able to easily access from any point of Menorca. You will need to reach Mahón and then Sant Climent.

Once there, you have to take the detour to Cala Binidali. Before arriving, take another detour to Canutells road.