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Cales Coves, in Menorca

Cales Coves is one of the best coves in Menorca if you go to Menorca by boat. It is a good shelter from most winds because large cliffs surround it. In addition, this cove is excellent for diving.

Activities near Cales Coves

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Cales Coves, a hidden and lonely cove in Menorca

Cales Coves is an essential beach if you go to Menorca by boat. It offers protection to almost all wind directions with its high cliffs.

There's not much sand in this cove. Instead, it has stones areas, perfect for taking a dip in summer. It's an unknown place and highlights the peace of the zone. A tranquil beach!

It has two small bays inside the main cove

Cales Coves central bay splits into two smaller bays. It happens because the ravines of the orography reach the sea. There is the Son Domingo ravine on the left side and the Biniedrís ravine on the right side.

It has the most extensive old cemetery in Menorca!

And for sure one of the oldest ones. It was from the Bronze Age. It's a cultural place fascinating for people interested in history. Civilization used to bury human bodies before the Christian ages.

Snorkel in Cales Coves

One of the best things to do on this beach is to snorkel. Don't forget to wear diving goggles to explore the surroundings of Cales Coves. This part of the Mediterranean Sea is perfect to see all kinds of fish and marine fauna.

snorkel in cales coves menorca

It's essential to find a place with easy water access. That way, you will avoid climbing the rocks to get out of the sea. However, if you want to jump, please be worried and check there's enough water deep.

Avoid wearing flip-flops is a good tip. The terrain is not flat and closed shoes are safer to walk there. With good shoes, you will enjoy Cales Coves and all the surroundings better.

How to get to Cales Coves

By Car

It's not the most accessible beach in Menorca, but you can reach it quickly by car. However, it would be best to take the detour between Sant Climent and Cala en Porter (ME-12).


It's an excellent choice to arrive at this beach across Cami de Cavalls. You can do it from the east (Canutells) and the west (Cala en Porter). Both paths are incredible and have a distance of one kilometre and a half.

It has a lot of caves!

Explore them could be a good experience in Menorca. Most of them are huge and offers some shadows in the hot summer. This place is part of the clean water and offers great natural views, like most of the beaches in Menorca.

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