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Cala Teulera, in Menorca

Cala Teulera is the only beach within the Port of Mahón. It is a place sheltered from the north wind that offers shelter to many boats.

Cala Teulera, in the same port

If you go to Mahón by boat and look for a place without waves and quiet, Cala Teulera is the best beach. It is within the same port, and as it is on the north face, the Tramontana north wind doesn't affect this spot.

You can get there on foot or by boat.

Undoubtedly, it is a well-known beach in the nautical world since it is an excellent option if there is wind and you cannot leave the port. It is three miles from the Colársega de Mahón. However, you can also go on foot or by car on the road to Sa Mesquida. You will be there before reaching La Mola and Punta de s'Esperó cape

It is a free anchoring area, so if you go to Menorca sailing and don't want to pay for a mooring in a marina, Cala Teulera is an excellent option. However, it tends to fill up quickly; do not rush at the last minute because it will be full of boats.

Check the nautical chart!

Access is narrow but accessible. You can get to Cala Teulera through the Canal de Sant Jordi (West) or through the channel that separates the island of Lazareto from the Fortress of La Mola (East). The depth will not be a problem; it usually exceeds 5 meters except on the shore.

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