es murtar beach menorca

Es Murtar beach, in Menorca

If you are looking for a quiet and typical island cove, keep reading. Es Murtar is your cove! Located very close to Sa Mesquida, it is a place frequented only by people from Menorca.

Activities near Es Murtar

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The town and the beach of Es Murtar

The homonymous village of Es Murtar is a town of Mahón with only a few hundred inhabitants (most of them in summer). It is a fishing village, most of them older people. Its houses and streets are picturesque and protected from the strong Tramontana wind.

It is between Punta Negre and Na Plana, an area of cliffs without access to the sea. To get there, you will have to follow the same road to Sa Mesquida, but take the deviation to Es Murtar before going down the slope that reaches this last beach. Its access is accessible both by car and on foot.

It is a cove without much sand!

Keep in mind that this cove does not have a lot of sand, and the little it does have is dark in colour. It has stone piers where you can jump into the sea. Fortunately, there are scalars to climb back up, don't worry.

It is not a very big beach!

It is only about 50 meters long by another ten wide. The positive thing about Es Murtar is that it is not very crowded even in summer, a positive point if you are looking for relaxation.

It is an excellent place to dive.

It is undoubtedly an excellent point to dive in Menorca; there is much fish that you can see. In addition, the water is usually spotless and transparent, something that invites you to bathe in the hot summer months.

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