cala caldes menorca beach

Cala en Caldes, in Menorca

Cala en Caldés or also known as Cala des Pou d'en Caldés, is a lovely pebble beach in the north of Menorca, specifically between Favaritx and Addaia.

Cala en Caldés doesn't have sand!

The beach comprises small flattened grey stones and has no sand; it is a Macar. Adding to the fact that it is a remote part of Menorca, this makes it an excellent place for those looking for a quiet and secluded cove. This spot is between Macar d'AvallSa Punta de Sa Font , leaving behind the old Favaritx military battery or military barracks.

As it does not have sand, you will have to try to find a minimally comfortable area. Otherwise, you will end up with back pain. Bringing a lounger or many towels can be a great idea.

The surroundings of Cala En Caldés are impressive. It is an area with little vegetation and high cliffs, typical of this area in the north of Menorca.

It receives its name from the waterhole that is nearby

It is close to a farm with a reservoir called Pou d'en Caldés; the beach has adopted the same name. This uniqueness occurs on many other beaches.

It is an ideal cove for diving!

Being surrounded by a rocky area, this beach will allow you to enjoy snorkelling. Large rocks with many fish combined with dense Posidonia meadows.

How do you get to Cala Pou d'en Caldés?

It is reached by Faváritx. It is ideal for parking before passing the first barrier that gives access to the Lighthouse. From there, you will have to follow a path that leads to Addaia and passes through this beautiful beach.

Another option is to do a stretch of Cami de Cavalls from Addaia; It will take you longer (about 45 minutes), but it is a walk with sensational views.

Remember that access to Favaritx by car is only possible in winter. In case you want to go in summer, you will have to go by bus from Mahón.