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Cala Morts, a beach that few people know

If you are looking for beaches with barely any people in Menorca, Cala Morts would be a great alternative. But, practically, only local people know about it since it is on an isolated cliff in Arenal d'en Castell.

A very peculiar beach

Cala Morts is a beach that goes unnoticed, even in summer when there is a lot of tourism on the island. Despite being surrounded by better-known beaches, this rocky spot has discreetly withstood the passage of time, being a luxury for lovers of diving and snorkelling.

Its name, of death, is given by the land that surrounds the cove. High cliffs are sharp as knives, which give rise to numerous caves and underwater hiding places. In addition, the vegetation is non-existent, and the strong north wind and the salinity mean that few plants can survive.

Its access is complicated

It has rugged high cliffs, so it's better to go by boat or swim from the area in front, which is more accessible.

Undoubtedly, a great alternative to spending a morning diving in one of the least known places on the island.

There are two beaches called Cala Morts

Very close to Cala Pregonda, there is another cove with the same name, it is much more accessible via the Pregonda path, and it is much easier if you go with children.

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