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Llucalari, in Menorca

Not far from Son Bou is the Llucalari beach, accessed by the Camí de Cavalls. It is an unknown beach, but which in turn has a unique charm. Its waters are perfect for diving.

Activities near Cala Llucalari

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Cala Llucalari, totally lost in Menorca

Cala Llucalari is a secret beach in Menorca. Only a tiny bit of people know about it, making it a lonely place even in summer.

It is very close to Son Bou, towards the east, along the Camí de Cavalls. Specifically between the Ses Penyes cape and the Sa Calç cave. A natural and protected area.

How to get to Llucalari

To get there, you will have to do a bit of trekking along a path from the beginning of the Son Bou beach. First, you will have to follow the way of skirting the majestic cliffs in the area. The track, known as Camí de Cavalls, goes around Menorca, and in this case, you will have to pass through Mahón beaches.

A good option is to get to Llucalari by bike, and much better if it is a mountain bike. The path to the cove is incredible for fans of adrenaline and cycling.

Has no sand

South winds affect Llucalari beach. On the shore, you will appreciate round stones known as macs instead of sand. They are usually white or greyish.

It usually has a lot of algae.

Algae tend to be present most days; perhaps that is why the cove is not popular with visitors. However, being natural does not take away from the fact that you are in one of the island's loneliest and most unspoilt coves.

Tips for visiting Llucalari

Bring enough water and food

Do not expect a cove with services; you should bring water and food if you go to this beach to spend the day. However, if you have forgotten and you are already there, the Son Bou urbanization has a supermarket and several good restaurants where to eat.

Not much coverage

Bear in mind that once you descend the ravine and have flanked its high cliffs, you may be uncommunicated. Tell a friend or somebody that you have been to this cove in case you have an incident.

Don't forget some diving goggles!

If you go with the idea of diving, this cove is so unspoiled that the fish are not used to human presence. In addition, goggles and fins are essential to enjoy the sea.

As you move away from the shore, you will see marine life appear everywhere. Cala Llucalari is a very rocky area with expansive meadows of Oceanic Posidonia.

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