arenal den castell beach menorca

Arenal den Castell beach, in Menorca

The pristine waters of Arenal d'en Castell invite you to take a dip. This urbanization has all kinds of services and is one of the most beautiful beaches on Menorca, with spectacular views from its cliffs as well!

The beach of Arenal d'en Castell

The beach is within a small bay that protects it from most winds; this is a very positive point. You can go bathing almost every day! The only current that affects this cove is the Northwest since Na Rotgeta protects this beach from the West wind.

Take some diving goggles!

The sea of Arenal d'en Castell is primarily sandy, combined with small Posidonia meadows. The extremes of the bay are rocky and perfect for snorkelling. You will be able to see a multitude of fish such as Obladas or Mullet fish, as well as some rays in the most profound areas.

It would be best not to surpass the yellow buoys , which delimit the swimming area. If you do, the lifeguards might catch you. It is because it is a place with much boat traffic.

Na Xeringa is only 10 minutes away!

na xeringa arenal den castell beach

If you want more beaches in Arenal d'en Castell and want to discover another impressive cove, pay attention. Just behind the left mountain is Na Xeringa. It is a beautiful cove less than 10 minutes on foot, the sea is turquoise, and the place is impressive.

You must know that this beach does not have sand but small flattened greyish stones. Therefore, it's not a good place to go with children. However, it is perfect for lovers of photography and diving.

Book in advance!

Infinite hotels and apartments surround the beach on top of its cliff. If you rent a villa, you will ensure one of the best views of the beach.

Unfortunately, foreign tourism predominates, especially during the summer. As a result, the area reaches its maximum human pressure in July and August, and it isn't easy to find accommodation.

This urbanization doesn't occupy only the area in front of the beach; it reaches the cape of s'Escull Gros. An area of cliffs that separates the main beach from Cala Morts. Its dimensions are essential concerning how big is Menorca and other places.

It offers multiple services!

Apart from the typical boat and hammock rental services, Arenal d'en Castell has a supermarket and pharmacy open every day.

Do you need a car? No problem, several companies rent motorcycles and vehicles at reasonable prices in this town. Moreover, you do not need to go to Mahón or the airport.

Our opinion about Arenal den Castell

It is a lovely beach in Menorca, but at the same time very touristy. Nevertheless, we recommend visiting it if you go to Menorca with kids since its sand and safety is exceptional.

However, if you are looking for a quiet and unspoiled place, you will have to opt for other beaches such as Cala Pudent or visit Na Xeringa.