cala tosqueta minorca

Cala Tosqueta, in Menorca

Cala Tosqueta is one of the unknown coves in Menorca. Its surroundings are unique; you will be on a quiet beach even in the pure summer months.

Cala en Tosqueta is lost in the North!

It's a very tiny beach; it's not more than 50 meters long. It used to have boats from Fornells port as it's near it. They used to anchor in the surroundings.

It's between Punta d'es Corrals and the Cap Negre. Both capes protect it from almost all wind directions, Tramontana included (Northwind).

Tosqueta Island

Illa d'en Tosqueta or Tosqueta Island is nearby the cove. It's a tiny islet that adds wind coverage from East and SouthEast winds.

If you go by boat, you must be worried. There are a lot of hidden rocks. Check the nautical chart and be cautious to avoid marine accidents.

Macar d'en Tosqueta

This cove doesn't use to be complete. However, if this is the case, you can go to the homonym beach on the south. It's called Macar d'en Tosqueta.

It doesn't have sand. Instead, it has small dark flat stones. They are known as macs in Menorca.

Don't miss diving goggles!

The seabed of Cala en Tosqueta is awesome. A rocky area with many oceanic Posidonia meadows. It helps it to be teeming with fish and other marine species. Don't miss some diving goggles to do some snorkelling.

Hot to get to Tosqueta

You will need to do it across cami de Cavalls from Son Park. On the way, you will cross Cala Pudent, another of the best shores in Menorca.

The distance is approximately five kilometres. Don't forget to take some water and food if you want to spend the day there. It's a very natural place, and it doesn't offer any services.