cala en valent beach menorca

Cala en Valent, in Menorca

Cala en Valent is a small beach in the north of Menorca. It is an unknown and virgin beach on the island; for this reason, it becomes a great spot.

Activities near Cala en Valent

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Cala en Valent, a lonely beach in Menorca

Cala en Valent beach is between Punta d'en Valent and Punta de Enderrosall. You are passing through the Cami de Cavalls trail (north coast). Specifically between Cavallería beach and Binimel·lá.

It is a good spot for snorkelling, as it has many rocks and marine fauna. Don't forget to bring some diving goggles! Cala Valent has sand, although it combines with numerous stones and rocks.

It is usually a lonely and quiet place, without bathers. So if you are looking for a virgin area with transparent waters, this is your beach.

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