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son bou beach menorca

Son Bou

Completely transparent waters make Son Bou a reference on the island. It is the largest beach in Menorca, close to 3 kilometres long.
sa mesquida beach menorca

Sa Mesquida

Sa Mesquida is a summer beach for many of the residents of Mahón. Its calm atmosphere and its nature make it a mandatory stop in Menorca.
es calo blanc beach menorca

Es Calo Blanc

Es Caló Blanc is the smallest beach in Menorca. It is only a 1-meter beach. However, its stone platforms characterised by a blue sea have become viral and are a mandatory stop on the island.
cala cavalleria beach menorca

Cala Cavallería

It is in the north of Menorca. Cavallería stands out for its large size and being close to one of the most spectacular lighthouses on the island. The access is simple; even the parking is ample. Anyway, better to go early on summer days.
binigaus beach menorca


Binigaus is one of the most impressive and accessible beaches on the island, just a 10-minute walk from Santo Tomás. This nudist cove has one of the cleanest and most crystalline waters in Menorca.
cala pudent beach menorca

Cala Pudent

Cala Pudent is very close to Son Parc, urbanization of Es Mercadal. It is not well known; a great option in the summer months where other beaches are crowded.
cala galdana minorca

Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is the completest beach on the island. It offers full possibilities of leisure and accommodation. The sand is narrow also the turquoise water makes it one of the essentials in Menorca.
sa torreta beach cala rambles menorca

Cala Rambles

Menorca has many unnoticed beaches; sometimes, they are even better than the most famous ones. Today we will talk about Cala Rambles, also known as Sa Torreta.
menorca playas beaches

Map of Beaches

Which are the best beaches in Menorca?

Only 30 minutes by plane from Barcelona. The best beaches of Menorca are small bays, which have a lot of hills and vegetation around them. They don't use to have many roads or buildings around, so the landscape is pretty nice. In Menorca are called _playas vírgenes,_ virgin beaches, cause they are not built.

Beaches on the north of Menorca, used to be unique beaches, mainly constituted of slate rock formations. On the deep of the sea, appears long areas of rocks and stones, with isolated small areas of sand that take an incredible turquoise color. On the other hand, Beaches in the south of Menorca, are the opposite. Big hills and the deep of the sea is mainly covered by sand, which allows us to see nice calas like Cala Turqueta or Cala Galdana.

Actually, in Menorca we're registering a big amount of beaches, and their services, with a lot of information about each beach. You can choose your favourite before going there. From Cala Macarelleta to Cala Tortuga. You will discover all nooks, a lot of times only known by Menorca people. In this magic Menorca, you will find a great number of possibilities of fun a part of visiting the best beaches. Water sports, snorkel or simply a walk around the Cami de cavalls. That's a road which turns around Menorca, with an amount of 186 km to discover.

If you want to enjoy fully of Menorca, we recommend you to rent a motorbike. A motorbike gives you the freedom to go to the best beaches. On the other hand, the best beaches of Menorca are inaccessible on foot, like Cala Pudent or Mongofre beach. The best option to access is renting a typical Llaut of Menorca.

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Other interesting topics about Menorca

sharks in menorca

Are there sharks in Menorca?

Sharks are present in Menorca and throughout the Mediterranean Sea. However, the overfishing of the last decades has diminished sharks sightings. Nevertheless, every year there is usually an appearance of a blue shark, normally dying on the shore.
monte toro mountain menorca 2019

How to get to Monte Toro?

Monte Toro is the highest mountain and peak on the island. From there, there are spectacular views of all of Menorca. It is a must for all visitors!
drinking age in menorca

What's the drinking age in Menorca?

As in most of Europe, in Menorca the minimum age to drink alcohol is 18 years old. This law is also there for other products such as tobacco.
nightlife in punta prima

How's nightlife near Punta Prima?

Punta Prima nightlife is in the hot summer months. At that time all the bars and pubs are open and offer many leisure possibilities.
beaches mahon menorca

Beaches near Mahón, Menorca

Even though there are no beaches in the city of Mahón; In its surroundings, there are spectacular coves that you should not miss. In less than 15 minutes by car, you can be on any of its beaches.
menorca tourist tax 2023

Menorca Tourist Tax 2019

If you go to Menorca this year, you should know that all accommodations will make you pay a small tourist tax. Its price depends on the type of accommodation you have hired.
menorca trashchallenge 2019

Trashchallenge in Menorca

The TrashChallenge Menorca campaign invites everyone to collect plastics on the beaches of Menorca. Together we can save the beauty of the island!
colom island menorca

Colom Island in Menorca

Illa d'en Colom is a magical place in Menorca where the turquoise blue sea meets bright sunshine. The island has two beautiful beaches, both with white sand and exciting activities for all ages to enjoy!