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The most complete Beach Guide in Menorca

From Menorca-Playas you will discover all the most hidden spots on the island.

Which are the best beaches in Menorca?

Only 30 minutes by plane from Barcelona. The best beaches of Menorca are small bays, which have a lot of hills and vegetation around them. They don't use to have many roads or buildings around, so the landscape is pretty nice. In Menorca are called playas vírgenes, virgin beaches, cause they are not built.

Beaches on the north of Menorca, used to be unique beaches, mainly constituted of slate rock formations. On the deep of the sea, appears long areas of rocks and stones, with isolated small areas of sand that take an incredible turquoise color. On the other hand, Beaches in the south of Menorca, are the opposite. Big hills and the deep of the sea is mainly covered by sand, which allows us to see nice calas like Cala Turqueta or Cala Galdana.

Actually, in Menorca we're registering a big amount of beaches, and their services, with a lot of information about each beach. You can choose your favourite before going there. From Cala Macarelleta to Cala Tortuga. You will discover all nooks, a lot of times only known by Menorca people. In this magic Menorca, you will find a great number of possibilities of fun a part of visiting the best beaches. Water sports, snorkel or simply a walk around the Cami de cavalls. That's a road which turns around Menorca, with an amount of 186 km to discover.

If you want to enjoy fully of Menorca, we recommend you to rent a motorbike. A motorbike gives you the freedom to go to the best beaches. On the other hand, the best beaches of Menorca are inaccessible on foot, like Cala Pudent or Mongofre beach. The best option to access is renting a typical Llaut of Menorca.