things to do in mahon

Top things to do in Mahon - 2019

Things to do in Mahon this 2019

1. Take a walk around Mahon’s Port.

mahon port menorca

This huge port, is the second largest in Europe, and throughout it there are lot of entertainment possibilities. It’s a good thing that can be done whenever. It has from shops to restaurants and bars; we highly recommend Es Paput, at the begging of Mahon harbour. Is one of the most popular places actually to take some drinks and also delicious burgers. However there are other more conventional options like La Minerva or Els Rais, which are more expensive but recommended to taste mahon sea dishes.

2. King Island, an island inside Mahón Port

king island mahon

If you like history and you are this summer in Menorca, a good thing to do in Mahón is to visit King Island or Isla del Rey, that’s an historical island which had an hospital many years ago and becomes a quarantine island. To can arrive, you can buy a ticket with the Yellow Catamaran on the middle of Mahon’s harbour. It costs approximately 20€ and also takes a turn around Mahon Port.

3. Mahón Fish Market

mercado de pescados mahon

A couple years ago all the market was oriented to fish and shellfish sales, but actually is divided, having one half of the market oriented to eat and drink gourmet dishes on a pleasant atmosphere. It’s located in the middle of the town, so that’s a good point as it’s very accessible. We highly recommend to visit it at midday.

4. Church of Santa Maria

santa maria church mahon

Only one minute walking from the Mahon fish market, there is the biggest church of Mahón, called Santa Maria, built on 1748. It has a neo-gothic design that become it awesome. One of the most highlighted things of that church is the organ, built on 1809 and is one of the biggest that you probably have seen. It measures 15 per 9 meters and has 3006 harmonic tubes.

5. Gin Xoriguer distillery

gin xoriguer distillery mahon

At the begging of Mahon’s harbour there is the Gin Xoriguer factory, that produces a high quality Geneva called Gin Xoriguer. You will be able to taste all the types of Geneva and with a guide learn about the elaboration process. Also there’s a shop where you can buy amazing souvenirs, drinks and typical products from Menorca and Mahón. The tour is free and totally recommended.

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