Punta Prima beach is an urban beach located in Sant Lluis. It has a very nice fine white sand. The views to Isla del Aire and its lighthouse are awesome.

Punta Prima Beach, a classic near Isla del Aire, in Menorca.

Punta Prima Beach, is one of the most busy beaches near Sant Lluís village. It's some kind of urban beach, with not much nightlife, in the area which is called same name. It's tourist oriented, although it's not weird to see local people. Cause of the tourist influx, there's lot of ways of accommodation, and probably some of the best hotels in Menorca.

Punta Prima, allows of almost all kind of services you may need:

  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Chemist
  • Hotels and Apartments
  • Supermarket
  • Public toilets
  • Football and basketball field.
  • Hairdressing
  • Hammock and umbrella service.

Turquoise sea in Punta Prima

The beach measures aproximately 200 meters long and 40 meters width, with a white and fine sand, very similar that all the other south Menorca beaches. We recommend to go early if we go in mid summer, cause used to be busy, in order to can take a place.

Clean sea in Isla del Aire, in front of Punta Prima

Another good thing of this beach, is just in front an island called Isla del Aire, it's the second biggest island in Menorca. We recommend to rent a kayak in the beach and cross there. We have to take care, cause probably there's lot of maritime traffic.

Once there, rocky and without much vegetation, we will have a awesome landscape of Punta Prima Beach at the bottom, with a beautiful turquoise sea water. From there, we will also able to see an indigenous animal, which is unique in the world, a black lizard, or in Menorca known as Sarganta negre.

How to go to Punta Prima Beach

We are not gonna have problems to go to Punta Prima. We can go by car:

  • 1 Hour or 56 minutes from Ciutadella
  • 20 minutes from Mahón
  • 15 minutes from Sant Lluis.

To go to Punta Prima, the road is well informed. Once we arrive, we have a big public parking just on the right of the Beach. 

If we want to go to Punta Prima by Bus, we have to take it from Mahon bus station or Sant Lluis bus stop. In summer, used to be more buses, used to come one every one hour.